Advance Your Foreign Language Skills in Two Minutes

How to Advance Your Language Skills in Two Minutes

There are some things that will only take two minutes to do.

You can slice a juicy tomato in two minutes.

You stir milk into your steamy coffee in two minutes.

You can sharpen your pencils in two minutes. Remember pencils?

You can eat a sticky ice cream in two minutes. (Ok, maybe I can eat a sticky ice cream in two minutes.)

You can also practice and advance your foreign language skills in two minutes.

In this post I’m giving you sixteen ideas that will help you do just that.

 Next step? Set a timer. For two minutes. Then pick one of the activities below and give it your best.

 1. Write as many words as you can remember about a certain topic (weather, food, members of the family, emotions, things that are made of metal, things that taste sweet, etc).

Alternative: shout as many words as you can remember about a certain topic.

Alternative: record the words on your phone. Review them for accuracy and pronunciation.

2. Pick five words. Make up a jingle that includes those words.

3. Practice action words in a foreign language by doing the action.

4. Open your fridge. Name all the food inside in the foreign language.

5. Write a haiku that combines your native language and the foreign language creatively.

6. Doodle five words you want to learn like so: write the word down as you normally would; doodle around it to make it look like what it means.

7. Translate a line from a movie you saw recently into the foreign language. Do an impression of the character.

8. Walk around the house. Look for objects that start with the letter A in the foreign language. Start again with B. And so on.

9. Get a stack of sticky notes and a dictionary. Go around the house and label 10 objects that you don’t know the word for. Look up the unfamiliar words in the dictionary.

10. Write 10 words that start with the first 10 letters of the vocabulary. One word that starts with A. One word that starts with B. One word that starts with C.

Bonus points: Make a sentence using as many of those words as possible.

11. Have an imaginary conversation with your coffee. Practice small talk. Ask it where it came from? Take it from there.

Bonus points: Have the same conversation with your coffee table.

12. Read a recipe in the foreign language. Write down five words that you just learned from that recipe.

13. Go outside. See how many things you can name out there.

14. Compose a text message in the foreign language.

15. Go to a news website in the foreign language. Check the headlines.

16. Grab a piece of paper. Start a list like this: if I had another two minutes, I would … See how many things you can come up with. Reset your timer.

What’s next?

Pick an item from the list.

Type “timer” in Google.

Set it for two minutes.

Hit enter and have fun.


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