Cats can teach you Spanish

Do you know what the internet loves?


Do you know what cats can do?

Pretty much anything they want.

Even teach you a foreign language?

Especially that.

Cat Academy thinks humans are not as dumb as you’d think. Sure, they may have a center in their brain entirely devoted to Facebook, celebrity gossip and smartphone scrolling, but humans could be highly trainable.

Felines have the ultimate goal to educate the human race, and not just in Laser Chasing 101. Felines will first start with Spanish and see if that sticks.

The Cat Academy app uses the theory of visual association and spaced repetition combined with the humor factor and the ubiquity of memes to teach Spanish (for now). They are thinking of expanding into other popular languages, such as French, Italian, German or Korean, so cat your vote on their website. I mean cast.

The basic version of the app is now free on iTunes, but you have to pay to unlock more cats. As if cat lovers don’t pay enough for the privilege.

Learn Spanish with cats

Hey Donny, boss wants to have a word.

Learn Spanish with cats

You’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Learn Spanish with cats

I dare you to say no. I double dare you!

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